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SoPac Super League 

Event Details



The league is a SoPac-sponsored league, with the LA Athletic Club Waterpolo program serving as league manager. League play format expected to be 8 games over 4 Saturday and Sunday play dates.


Santiago HS

Capo Valley HS

San Juan Hills HS


January through April

Sunday 1/26

Saturday 2/22

Sunday 3/29

Saturday 4/25


Deadline to sign up is January 12th.

Team Sign Ups BEFORE Jan. 5, 2019

~ OR, $1050 via PayPal (

Team Sign Ups AFTER Jan. 5, 2019

~ OR, $1150 via PayPal (

Individual Sign Ups

~ OR, $140 via PayPal (


Must be silver USAWP member


Basic USAWP rules; all games played to a win.


All entries will be online with entry confirmed once payment is made. 

Each team will be limited to a roster of 25 players that is locked down after the first play date. The club can list up to 15 players from this roster for any individual game.  Once a player plays for a team in a league game, they cannot play for any other teams during the season.

In the case of a forfeit by one team, that team will be responsible for a $200 forfeit fee payable to LAAC Water Polo.

Player Conduct - We want this to be a fun, competitive league, where players compete with respect and good sportsmanship. We hope that you share the same vision and want your teammates and opponents to be great examples for the sport and the master's community. Therefore, any player(s) with disregard for maintaining appropriate sportsmanship are subject to potential banning from the league effective immediately.

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