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 Los Angeles Athletic Club 
 Men's Water Polo Team 

The Elite Men's Program
of Southern California

The LAAC Water Polo Men's Team is the elite competitive program for elite competitive players based in Southern California.


From USAWP's National League, to international competition around the world, our mission is to bring together a band of brothers, whose passion for the game is only outweighed by the bond of their friendships.


We believe water polo is a lifelong craft, forging boys into men, and that development does not end after college. In fact, we are witnesses to countless players that develop beyond the ability of their collegiate level of play.

But it's not about the competition. It's not just the What - it's the Who. Playing water polo after the "glory days" isn't easy. It takes hard work, planning, commitment, and integrity. Players are no longer forced to do anything - it's all by choice. 



For opportunities to get involved, please contact us!

Email us at 

Or shoot us a DM on Instagram @laacwaterpolo 

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