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Support our Mission!

We are an entirely self-funded program. Our teams are subsidiaries of Los Angeles Water Polo Foundation, which coordinates our tournament hosting, youth clinics, and general fundraising.

Your support our program, you support our mission. You help provide a platform for the development of elite youth, collegiate, and masters water polo. You help provide a space for the unique friendships and relationships that can only be found between teammates. You help create a culture of athletics, and a lifestyle of sport into adulthood.

Ways to Donate

We welcome you to make a direct impact on what matters most to you, whether it be the Women's Team, Men's Team, clinic hosting expenses, travel tournaments, or our many other programs. General donations will be split between the Teams and the foundation for operational expenses. 

Check by Mail

Los Angeles Water Polo Foundation

1165 Leonard Ave. Pasadena, CA 91107

Please specify Men's Team, Women's Team, General Donation, etc.


Donate via Zeffy

We use Zeffy, a free platform for nonprofits that ensures 100% of raised funds go towards our mission. Zeffy is funded solely by contributions from donors like you. Please consider supporting them at the end of your transaction, so they can continue to provide free software to us and thousands of other charities. You can select a different contribution amount by clicking "Other" in the dropdown. Thank you for supporting free fundraising for all nonprofits!

You can also create recurring donations to be a sustaining supporter!

General Donation

Men's Team Donation

Women's Team Donation

Donate via PayPal

While PayPal may have an unavoidable service fee, it might be easier for you! 

Link to PayPal

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