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We believe in bringing together
as many as possible of the very best.

LA Athletic Club Water Polo's motto is simple:


As many as possible of the very best. 


This means not only the best in ability, but the best in character. Our goal is to become the best club in the country and a top tier club globally, and to do so with people we enjoy spending time with both in and out of the water.

Being based in Downtown LA, we provide an opportunity for the best athletes of southern California to compete in domestic and international tournaments. It doesn't matter where you've played or went to school. We consider each player as they are, and who they are, now.

Players who play for LAAC typically go on to play professionally for a number of years in countries such as Hungary, Spain, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Australia.

Additionally, our social initiative is to grow the sport of water polo in the United States in order to improve the overall competitiveness of our National Team and Olympic Development Programs.

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